The Vesper – Recreating A Classic

May 16, 2010

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3 Responses to “The Vesper – Recreating A Classic”

  1. Cat said

    Very interesting article, it sounds delicious, I will have to try it one day!
    Do you know if Fleming invented it especially for the book? or was it a personal favourite that he wanted to subtly share? 🙂

    • bridgmansmith said

      Many thanks, for your kind comments. It’s great to have feedback.
      I have not been able to determine the origin of the Vesper with 100% accuracy, most accounts suggest that it was something that Ian Fleming developed with a barman friend (quite possibly from the Duke’s Hotel) so I think it was for the book but it strikes me as the sort of drink Fleming would enjoy.
      A lot of Fleming’s tastes seem to be reflected in his creation.

      • bridgmansmith said

        In a small update – I recently tried another method of introducing greater bitterness in Lillet by infusing a small bottle with some chippings of cinchona bark.
        I left it for about a week and although the infusion smelt very bitter it didn’t change the taste much.
        The search continues…

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